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Besides Premium Rank’s staff, Social media is your new sales team! Unlike any other advertising method, you do not force your services to your customers, instead you let your well-placed posts do the whole job for you by targeting the exact kind of traffic you wish to get to your business as it allows you to: Target and re-Target. It’s so customizable that on Facebook ads for example you can target your customers by posts they like, their location, level of education, industry, age…etc.



Not only that, but you also get to interact with your customers through tweets, comments, status updates…etc. where you can receive all the feedback that you are looking for, which helps you to adjust your marketing strategy based on that or respond to problems instantly and make sure you are providing them with exactly what they are after.
You might be also a business that’s concerned with SEO placement. Well guess what?! Social media boosts your website’s SEO as search engine spiders knows which pages are consistently receiving traffic and which are just sitting out there ignored. SEO placements is usually supported by a strong website content but driving traffic to your well optimised social media pages will make them climb much faster in the search engine results pages.

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